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‘In a novel, characters sometimes take over the story. A similar thing can happen in architecture.’ Álvaro Siza

How important were architecture publications for your own work?

Álvaro Siza: My professional life has depended greatly on the interest expressed by certain people, by their critique and by the publication of their views. Several writers had a fundamental impact on my opportunities to work both at home and abroad. People who come to mind immediately include Gregotti, who was the first person to write about my work in a country other than Portugal or Spain. Gregotti continued to review my work in later years. In Portugal, Pedro Vieira de Almeida and Nuno Portas paid attention to my projects. On another plane altogether, Kenneth Frampton wrote quite a lot about Portuguese architecture in general, including the work I was doing. Like others, Frampton suddenly became aware of the emergence of a modern Portuguese architecture.

This is an excerpt of an interview published in MARK #46, the October/November 2013 issue. Read the full interview here.

Portrait photo: José Campos.

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