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‘You put together letters to make words, words make sentences, and sentences make a story. To know how to build a narrative is the basis for everything.’ Roberto Cremascoli

Is there something in your work as a curator that you feel you can take back to the practice of architecture?

Roberto Cremascoli: I don’t understand why we always complicate things so much. It’s so simple to do things well. Take this museum. To create architecture is to give shape to a place, and to do that, you need to think about people. Why are we so comfortable here right now? This is a space of happiness, designed for people. What curatorship brings to architecture, and vice versa, is the realization that you have to simplify things from the beginning, otherwise it won’t work. Another important thing is that it is not essential to understand everything a priori. Just like in curatorship, in architecture you trace a route to be explored, to be discovered little by little, to be questioned. This is the most important thing in art in general, to make people think. We cannot be lazy before a work of art.

This is an excerpt of an interview published in MARK #64, the October/November 2016 issue. Read the full interview here.

Portrait photo: Rita Burmester.

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