Spaceworker’s Guiding Light

Spaceworkers’ latest two projects share one feature: they guide their users by organizing space in clever ways.


Photo by Sergio Pirrone.

After founding Spaceworkers in 2007, Rui Dinis and Henrique Marques have been working together from beginning to end in all their designs. As they put it: ‘We don’t think about projects unless we are thinking together, sharing ideas and critiques.’


What concepts inspire your architecture?

MARQUES: We like to have a negative to the shape, an empty space that helps us organize the rest of the space. In almost all our projects, we try to make a haven that we can control, that shelters the interior life from indiscrete looks and in a way helps us build a shape. In the Interpretation Centre, that haven is a covered street, in the houses it’s almost always a small courtyard, an exterior pocket of decompression, like in Cabo de Vila.

Read the full interview here.

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